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  Rick Curtis  

Rick Curtis is President of the Institute for Health Policy Solutions (IHPS), a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization with the overarching goal of helping to achieve coverage by and for all Americans. Mr. Curtis has an extensive background in health insurance coverage, market rules, and exchanges, and works to develop cost-effective coverage approaches at the state as well as the national level.

Since its inception in spring 1992, IHPS has analyzed and provided expert assistance towards policies and constructs to bring uninsured workers and families into coverage. It recently provided technical assistance and analysis for design of federal health reform, and is currently providing expert assistance towards effective implementation design.

Highlights of recent work include:

    • Presentations on Health Insurance Exchanges and associated market reforms to national groups, including U.S. DHHS Stakeholder Conference on Exchanges, National Association of Insurance Commissioners workgroup on Exchanges, National Conference of State Legislators webinar, and others. (2010)

    • Advisory panel memberships: federal Advisory Board to the Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) Program; HHS/OCIIO grant review panel for Consumer Assistance Program Grants; and NASI Expert Study Panel on Developing Health Insurance Exchanges.

    • Technical assistance to key California health policy officials regarding design of workable health insurance Exchange and market constructs towards effective implementation of overall frameworks enacted in federal health reform. (Funded by the California HealthCare Foundation, 2010.)

    • Expert advice and assistance to the Oregon Health Authority in developing the plan for the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange pursuant to state and federal reform legislation. (2010)

    • Expert consultation and presentations regarding Exchange and related policy design to state policymakers in, e.g., Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Michigan.

    • Technical assistance to professional staff of the Senate Finance and HELP Committees during development of federal reform legislation (October 2008 – December 2009).

    • Analysis of health reform issues affecting low- and modest-income workers and unemployed workers for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration. (2009, 2010 under subcontract through the Actuarial Research Corp.)

    • Technical assistance and analysis for California officials regarding state-based reform proposal development (2004-2008) including sliding-scale subsidy, individual and employer responsibility, health insurance Exchange, and market reforms. Coordinated a multi-disciplinary team of experts. Funded by grants from the California HealthCare Foundation.

Mr. Curtis’s previous positions include: Director of Health Policy Studies, National Governors’ Association in the 1980s; founding Executive Director, National Academy for State Health Policy and Board Chair of its parent Center for Health Policy Development; and Director of the Department of Policy Development and Research, Health Insurance Association of America. He chaired a working group on preliminary reform plans for the Clinton Administration. While at NGA in the 1980s, he also served as the contributing editor on state health policy to Business and Health magazine and as Director of the Project on the Medically Indigent for the Academy for State and Local Government.