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Short-term Federal Medicaid Match Enhancement (January 12, 2008)


IHPS Commentary On and Proposal by George H. Halvorson and Colleagues for State-Based Near-Universal Coverage (December 12, 2006 Health Affairs Web Exclusives)

Three Options for Insuring all Californians (California HealthCare Foundation, October, 2006)

Massachusetts-Style Coverage Expansion: What Would It Cost in California? (California HealthCare Foundation, April 2006)


What Health Insurance Pools Can and Can't Do (California HealthCare Foundation, November 2005)

Getting Real About the Uninsured Problem (Frontiers of Health Services Management, Summer 2005)

An Implementation and Alternative Scenario Analysis of California's "Health Insurance Act of 2003"(SB2) (IHPS April 2005)


A Misconceived Analysis of California's Health Insurance Act (eletter to Health Affairs in response to Web-Exclusive paper, "Employer's Responses to a Play-or-Pay Mandate: An Analysis of California's Health Insurance Act of 2003," October 2004)

Local Experience with Healthy Kids Enrollment Caps (IHPS-CA, June 2004)

Local and Regional Solutions Leading the Way to Covering All Children in California (IHPS-CA, June 2004)

Checklist for Counties Pursuing a Children's Health Initiative (IHPS-CA, March 2004)

Policy Brief on Tax Credits for the Uninsured and Maternity Care (IHPS, for March of Dimes, January 2004)

Using Premium Assistance to Expand Coverage through Small Firms (Contract Report to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)


Using Premium Assistance to Save the State Money and Maintain Coverage of Low-Income Working-Parent Families in California (IHPS, December 2003)

Use of Subsidies to Low-Income People for Coverage through Small Employers (Health Affairs, May 2003)

Applying Large-Scale Subsidies for Low-Income Populations to Health Insurance Coverage through Small Firms (IHPS, May 2003)

Coverage of Uninsured Workers in Small Firms: The Significance of Self-Employment among Firm Owners (IHPS, April 2003)

Premium Assistance: What Works? What Doesn't?(IHPS, April 2003)

Universal Health Care for Children: Two Local Initiatives (Future of Children, Volume 13, Number 1, published by the Center for the Future of Children, Spring 2003)

Premium Assistance (Future of Children, Volume 13, Number 1, published by the Center for the Future of Children, Spring 2003)

The Potential for a Small-Employer Purchasing Pool in Wisconsin: Issues and Options for Overcoming Barriers to the Development of the Private Employer Health Care Coverage Program (PEHCCP) (IHPS, January 2003)

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Focus Groups Findings from Non-Offering Latino and Vietnamese Small Employers and Low-Wage Employees in Orange County (IHPS-CA, November 2002)

Individual Tax Credits and Employer Coverage: Assessing and Reducing the Downside Risks (IHPS, August 2002)

Tax Credits for Individual Health Insurance: Effects on Employer Coverage and Refinements to Improve Overall Coverage Rates (IHPS, for ESRI, August 2002)

Family Out-of-Pocket Spending for Health Services: A Continuing Source of Financial Insecurity (The Commonwealth Fund, June 2002)

Covering Displaced Workers and Their Children: Issues and Alternatives (IHPS, January 2002)

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Insurance Status of Parents by Age (IHPS, September 2001)

Family (Parental) Status and Prevalence of Employer Coverage by Family Income and Individual Earnings (IHPS, September 2001)

Relative Prevalence of Parents and Non-Parents Among the Uninsured (IHPS, September 2001)

Individual Workers' Wage Levels, Total Family Income Relative to Poverty, and Prevalence of Employer Coverage (IHPS, August 2001)

Barriers to Re-Enrollment in Medi-Cal and Strategies for Retaining Eligible Children: Parents and County Workers Speak Out in Santa Clara County (IHPS, July 2001)

Effective Coverage Expansions for Uninsured Kids and Their Working Parents: Links to Job-Based Coverage (IHPS, May 2001)

Expanding Healthy Families to Parents: The Role of Employer Coverage (Medi-Cal Policy Institute, April 2001 Number 3)

Consumer-Choice Purchasing Pools: Past Tense, Future Perfect? (Health Affairs, January/February 2001)

Expanding Healthy Families to Cover Parents: Issues and Analyses Related to Employer Coverage (IHPS, January 2001)

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Private Purchasing Pools to Harness Individual Tax Credits for Consumers (Inquiry, December 2000)

Public Subsidies for Required Employee Contributions Toward Employer-Sponsored Insurance (The Commonwealth Fund, December 2000)

Background Data and Models for Expanding Health Insurance Coverage to Uninsured Children in Santa Clara County IHPS, October 2000

Potential Tasks for Implementing Premium Assistance through a Consumer Choice Health Purchasing Group (IHPS, May 2000)

IHPS Comments on Proposed S-CHIP Regulation (IHPS, February 2000)

Coordinating State Children's Health Insurance Program with Employer-Based Coverage: Design and Implementation of Premium Assistance Programs (IHPS, February 2000)

Overview of the Iowa Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program (IHPS, February 2000)

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Subsidizing Employer-Sponsored Insurance under State Children's Health Insurance Program: Working with a Supplemental Carrier (IHPS, October 1999)

Purchasing Private Health Insurance through Government Healthcare Program: A Guide for States (IHPS, June 1999)

Health Insurance Reform in the Small-Group Market (Health Affairs, May/June 1999)

Subsidy Payment Structure Alternatives (for Coordinating with Employer Coverage under CHIP) (IHPS, May 1999)

MassHealth Family Assistance Program: A Case Study of an Employer-Based Insurance Subsidy Program (IHPS, May 1999)

Uninsured Children with Access to Employer-Based Coverage (IHPS, February 1999)

Supplementing Cost-Sharing Provisions of Employer-Based Insurance Plans (IHPS, February 1999)

Medicare Restructuring: The FEHBP Model (Kaiser Family Foundation, February 1999)

Coordination of Title XXI Coverage with Employer-Based Coverage through Consumer-Choice Health Purchasing Groups (IHPS, January 1999)

DataBrief: Sources of Coverage for Uninsured Children Before and After Periods of No Insurance (IHPS, January 1999)

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Likelihood of Exceeding Family Cost Sharing Limits (IHPS, December 1998)

Medicaid and Child Health Crowding-Out: Synopsis of Resources (IHPS, December 1998)

An Overview of the Oregon Family Health Insurance Program (IHPS, December 1998)

Treatment of Flexible Benefit Plans under Employer Coverage Subsidy Program (IHPS, November 1998)

Children and Employer-Based Coverage: The Data (IHPS, October 1998)

MinnesotaCare and Crowding Out (IHPS, September 1998)

Benefits and Cost-Sharing: Meeting CHIP Rules When Subsidizing Employer-Sponsored Plans (IHPS, August 1998)

Meeting Cost-Sharing Requirements under CHIP Premium Subsidy Programs (IHPS, July 1998)

Coordinating Children's Coverage Expansions with Employer-Sponsored Coverage (IHPS, March 1998)

Creating Consumer Choice in Healthcare: Measuring and Communicating Health Plan Performance Information (IHPS, March 1998)

Alternative Approaches for Paying Child Health Insurance Subsidies (IHPS, January 1998)

Special Enrollment Period (IHPS, January 1998)

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Employer Coverage and the Children's Health Insurance Program under the Balanced Budget Act of 1997: Options for States (IHPS, December 1997)

Summary of HIPAA-Related Regulations (IHPS, April 1997)

Medicare Consumer Information and Risk Selection (IHPS, March 1997)

Finding Practical Solutions to "Crowding-Out" (Health Affairs, January/February 1997)

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Medicaid and Cooperative Healthplan Purchasing Organizations (IHPS, December 1996)

Extending Health Care for Modest-Income Children and Pregnant Women: Public and Employer Financial Coverage Lessons (IHPS, December 1996)

A Guide to Facilitating Consumer Choice (Health Affairs, Winter 1996)

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Earlier Dates

Health Network and Alliance Status Report: Cooperative Health Care Purchasing Strategies in the Era of Accountability (IHPS, 1995)

State Experience with Community Rating and Related Reforms (Kaiser Family Foundation, September 1995)

Resource Manual: Implementing Healthplan Purchasing Cooperatives (IHPS, 1995)

Making Medical Savings Accounts Work in Conjunction with Insurance Market Reform (IHPS, for American College of Physicians, April 1995

Will Health Reform Allow People to Keep their Doctors When Workers Change Jobs? (IHPS, for George Washington University Health Insurance Reform Project, July 1994)

Will Subsidies Meant for Health Services Go to Excess Insurance System Overhead? (IHPS, July 1994)

Workers Compensation: Challenge for Health Care Reform (IHPS, June 1994)

Designing Health Purchasing Alliances/Cooperatives: Federal Policy Issues and Options (IHPS, March 1994)

Community Care Networks: Managed Competition and Health System Reform (IHPS, February 1993)

Health Care Financing Reform to Cover the Uninsured: A Guide to Joint Public and Private Financing Strategies (IHPS, December 1992)

An Analysis of the Garamendi Plan for Health Reform in California (IHPS, October 1992)

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