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The Institute for Health Policy Solutions has a well-established capacity for:
  • facilitating expert forums and expert forums to develop cutting edge insights and solutions through collaborative analysis across multiple disciplines and perspectives, and
  • convening academies or National Resource Centers to develop expertise, information-sharing, and communities of interest among those mutually interested in a promising coverage approach.

Whether workshop or academy, the Institute can identify and obtain the participation of the most knowledgeable senior analysts, executives, policy makers and other experts from a variety of disciplines on specific coverage and financing topics, and develop and facilitate meeting agendas that constructively harness that expertise.

The insights gained from these forums and roundtables, as well as findings and results from the Institute's analytical work, are synthesized, summarized and disseminated to a broader audience through reports, issue briefs and resource documents, direct technical assistance, presentations at conferences sponsored by other organizations, etc.

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Examples of Expert Forums
December 20, 2004Expert Roundtable on Low-Income Subsidies, Mandates and Employer Coverage
January 26, 2004Expert Forum on Coverage of All Kids
October 20, 2003Invitational Meeting on Harnessing Private Contributions, Tax Subsidies and Premium Assistance for Coverage through Uninsured Small Employers
November 22, 2002State Working Session on Premium Assistance: Working Solutions and New Opportunities
May 3, 2002Subsidy Structures to Reach Uninsured Workers and Families through Low-Wage (Small) Firms
April 19, 2002Individual Tax Credits and Employer Coverage Assessing And Avoiding Downside Risks
November 1, 2001Covering Displaced Workers And Their Children: Issues And Alternatives
May 18, 2001Effective Coverage Expansions for Uninsured Kids and Their Working Parents: Links To Job-Based Coverage
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Examples of Academies

Academy for Consumer Choice Health Purchasing Groups: From 1992-1999 the Institute provided technical assistance across the nation to develop employee-choice purchasing groups for small employers. We assisted public entities and private coalitions or associations containing both small and large employers. This assistance included market research, design of participation rules, development of benefit plans, and development of rating and underwriting structures and policies. In addition, the Institute developed and evaluated requests for proposals for administrative service vendors and health plans, and developed training and educational materials for agents, employers, and employees. Also, Institute staff assisted officials who sought to design market rules that were complimentary to small group purchasing activity.
Technical Assistance Consortium: In addition to the policy and technical assistance work described below, IHPS-CA is the lead agency for a multi-organization group that advances solutions to support statewide health coverage for all children. Funded by The California Endowment (TCE), this group provides and coordinates technical assistance to counties and regions.

Coordinating Public and Private Financing Sources Toward Continuous Coverage Structures For Uninsured Kids: Under a grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Institute developed a resource center to assist expansion and continuity of health insurance coverage of children in low- and modest-income working families by developing ways to coordinate with job-based family coverage on their behalf. A major activity under this project was to explore coordination issues in depth in a series of papers and focused roundtable discussions with interested policy makers and identified experts. In addition, the Institute served as a national resource and technical assistance center for States (and their private-sector partners) who are seeking to coordinate public funding with job-based family coverage on behalf of uninsured children. The provision of direct technical assistance including dissemination of analyses of national survey data by the Institute focused on sites with the greatest potential for beneficial action that addressed both continuity as well as expansion of coverage. (1997-2003)
The Child and Family Coverage Technical Assistance Center was convened to serve county coverage initiatives in the State of California, where 4 million people - including 1 million children - remain uninsured, and where the health system crisis is being exacerbated by huge state budget problems.
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Request Assistance

IHPS can assist with:

  • Framing the issue
  • Identifying appropriate participant mix
  • Preparing background paper
  • Meeting agenda and facilitation
  • Write, review and dissemine forum accomplishments

In addition, for academies or National Resource Centers, the Institute can manage the distribution of project funding. To discuss convening a workshop or establishing an academy, please contact IHPS. Note that, as a freestanding not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization, we rely on grants and contracts to support our work.

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